Hello World!

How many times have I said to myself that I need to write a blog about what happens in the shop? More times than I can remember. What would I say? Would anyone even care? What if I just embarrass myself? I have finally come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter if anyone besides me cares. And I embarrass myself on a regular basis. What’s a little more blushing going to hurt?

I have had this title, Not Quite Finished, in my head for years. To me, it says something about the process of making and of living. A design is never quite finished, even when it’s finished. There’s always something to do differently the next time around.

When I first started building furniture, design decisions could stump me for days, sometimes weeks. Afraid of making a mistake, I would often make the bigger mistake of not moving forward. But life only goes in one direction, and it is forward. When I make a mistake, it informs the next step in my design process, just as it does in my life. Anyone who creates for a living knows that a mistake can be just the thing that offers a new direction, a better solution, and for me, a better life.

So, hello world! I’m Susan, and I’m happy to say that I’m Not Quite Finished.