What it’s all about

It’s been a while since my last blog post…<sigh>… I have actually written several posts, but published none. It’s just been one of those summers. Most of you know by now that a second hand injury within the year has created the need to slow down a bit and take stock. So, that’s what this […]

Lessons from the Woodshop

It’s been over three months now since I’ve been at Warren Wilson as the current visiting artist with the Fine Woodworking Crew. We are well over half way through our time together and I think I am finally starting to find a rhythm to this teaching thing. I think the trick for me is threefold… […]

Shop Happenings

The last few weeks have been incredibly full and full of incredible change. A distant memory is my trip to Charlotte to learn more about the design software that we use at Across the Creek Woodworks. It warped my brain into odd shapes, I guess in order to fit the information somewhere in there. The […]

Walking the Ridge

As the end of the year has been pressing itself into my mind, I have started to reflect upon its girth, as well as years’ past. Earlier in my life, end of year reflections would direct my attention to only one place – somewhere far off in the horizon. Never really rooted in the present, […]

When the Music Ended

When I first started working at Across the Creek Studio I noticed that, unlike many shops, this one was “quiet.” Meaning it was full of the sounds of making cabinets … the loud buzzing of saws, the constant hum of the dust collector, the rhythmic tapping of the pump in the spray booth accompanied by […]

Hello World!

How many times have I said to myself that I need to write a blog about what happens in the shop? More times than I can remember. What would I say? Would anyone even care? What if I just embarrass myself? I have finally come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter if anyone besides […]