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It’s been a while since my last blog post…<sigh>… I have actually written several posts, but published none. It’s just been one of those summers. Most of you know by now that a second hand injury within the year has created the need to slow down a bit and take stock. So, that’s what this summer has been about. That is certainly only a nutshell of the recent unfoldings of my life, and I do intend to elaborate at some near point in the future. But, for now I want to share something even more important and exciting than stitches and a bruised ego.

My journey into the world of craft has taken me to places in life that I sometimes have a hard time wrapping my little brain around. I won’t say that life is easy. Far from it, it is full of hard work, long hours, and a constant striving for something better, whether it be in a design in the shop, or a design in life. It is also full of some of the most beautiful and amazing people that I have the great privilege of calling my friends. I heard once that where you are understood, you are at home. I am certainly at home in this beautiful world of craft that I inhabit. So, let me introduce you to some of my friends, the Mudhoneyz.

In case you haven’t already noticed, Mudhoneyz Studio is one of my links. To tell their story is to tell the story of this little part of the world I lucked into. And, in truth I can’t do a better job than they already have. So, if you want to see why I do what I do, and if you want to get a glimpse into the world that fills my life in more ways than I can describe, please check out their Kickstarter campaign.

And many thanks to the words of encouragement to get back to the blogging. I promise I’ll stick with it! For now, meet my buddies, the Mudhoneyz. I had no idea that I was a Mud-Homie…very exciting!



I sure am proud of these Honeyz!


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